New Scooters

Available in Seafoam, Orange, Black, Sky Blue, Pink and White! 
49cc: $1,499

The islander is at the top of its class and is built with the same quality parts as our other Wolf scooters. It gets excellent gas mileage and will suit any day-to-day travel, no problem! The Islander enjoys long rides on the beach, getting coffee at the local coffee shop, or going to the movies on a Friday night!

Available in Red and White
49cc: $1,599

Very sporty with carbon fiber trim, red accents on the caliper and shock, and ultra-cool graphics to complete this scooter. This model comes with an upgraded Performance Carburetor, Motobatt Battery, LED Headlights, Duro Tires, and a NGK Spark Plug!

Available in Black, Blue and White 
49cc: $1,699                150cc: $1,799

We’ve decided to give you a little variety. This sporty little-go-getter has more than just great looks. The 50cc 4-stroke engine that will easily do 40mph… Its quick, it’s peppy, and it’s unbelievably sturdy and strong. It’s one of the leaders in its class. This scooter definitely has some spirit.… and even features front AND rear disk brakes!

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